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Care at Home is passionate in providing clients with the help they need. We support the idea that people have the right to choose to remain living in their own home.

With appropriate support the provision of quality in home care is possible. Care at Home offers personalised in home care services, consisting of a range of support including personal cares, companionship, dementia care, advanced care, respite care, child care, home care and up to 24 hour continuous one to one care in your own home. Our services are specifically catered for each individual’s needs. We provide home care for people of any age – young, old or in between.

Care at Home provides care and support in Hamilton City and the Greater Waikato area. We are a team of professional caregivers who are passionate about what we do. Providing optimal care is our main goal. We are dedicated in giving clients the care and help that they need and deserve.


April has been coming to my house for the past year to do the many chores I found difficult to do myself due to a lengthy wait for a hip replacement not to mention ‘AGE’ of course! It has been a pleasure to welcome April each fortnight with her usual bright cheery self always willing to do anything I want. I hope she has felt comfortable with me.

Thanks to all of the caregivers. I really appreciated how each and every one of you gave that little extra ‘bit’ of yourselves to mum. You were all warm, kind and genuinely caring. You helped Mum with her needs for comfort and security and you gave your care and kindness as well. We were thrilled to be able to keep mum safely and happily in her own home for nearly a year longer than would have been possible. So on behalf of mum and our family I would like to say thank you and to let you know you should be very proud of the jobs you do and the company you work for.

My Care at Home worker, Rae, is kind caring and a good worker. She is at present helping me reorganise my household so that I can manage better on my walker to live longer in my own home.